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How to Choose Twin Shaft Mixer

Brief Introduction:When you buy a twin shaft mixer, what should you pay attention to? There are three aspects like shaft end seal. We recommend Haomei and Sicoma mixer for you. Learn more.

The rapid development of concrete machinery has made the types of mixing machinery more and more abundant. The compulsory concrete mixer can be divided into single-shaft and double-shaft mixer. How to choose a reliable twin shaft mixer?
Compared with the rotary mixer, the twin-shaft concrete mixer has made up for the single shortcoming in the mixing function. The mixing quality of the mixer has been greatly improved, and the mixing speed has more advantages.
js750 twin shaft concrete mixer
The double shaft mixer mainly includes a mixing frame, a mixing drum, a mixing device, a discharging mechanism, a transmission mechanism, an electrical system and a water supply system. It is an ideal, mature and practical concrete mixing equipment.
In terms of performance, the equipment value of the twin-shaft concrete mixer is better than the price. For other advanced mixing equipment, the price of twin-shaft mixer is relatively low, but it has many advantages of advanced mixing machinery. 
The twin shaft concrete mixer has a very high degree of automation, high work efficiency, considerable mixing quality, high energy conversion rate, strong power,etc. The built-in high-efficiency mixing device can effectively prevent materials from sticking to the shaft.
1. Vulnerable parts: The twin-shaft mixer features strong mixing power, but it also leads to the quick wear of mixing blades and related mixing devices. Therefore, Haomei Machinery has optimized the relevant parameters of the mixing device such as setting a more reasonable structure and reducing the mixing resistance.
2. Shaft end seal: In view of this phenomenon, even if it cannot be solved fundamentally, the high-quality twin-shaft concrete mixer can also complete an effective and long-term use of the shaft end sealing device to delay the occurrence of shaft end leakage.
3. High efficiency and stability of the equipment: The transmission device of the twin-shaft mixer is stable and the failure rate is low. With the hydraulic discharge, the discharge port can be opened frequently, and the action is rapid.
Haomei twin shaft mixer has excellent performance in these aspects. If you have richer budget, Sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer is a better choice. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.