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FAQs on Buying Concrete Plant for Sale

Brief Introduction:When you buy a concrete plant for sale? You must have many questions like the floor space of portable concrete plant. Find answers here.

stationary concrete plant
1. Is the floor space of the concrete plant for sale fixed?
A: The floor area of concrete batching plant is not mixed. It depends on the actual situation of the customer’s site. There are generally two ways to place them: one line or L-shape.
2. What is the maximum towing speed of the portable concrete plant, such as 25 kilometers per hour?
A: Less than or equal to 25km/h.
3. Is there a limit on the continuous driving distance of the mobile concrete batching plant, such as the maximum distance of 100 kilometers?
A: At present, our equipment is not allowed on the road, it is only suitable for short-distance walking.
4. What are the models of stationary concrete batching plant?
A: Haomei Machinery has nine models with capacity from 25m3/h to 180 m3/h. If you need larger or smaller one, welcome to contact us directly for special solution.
5. What kind of concrete can be produced by HZS25 concrete batching plant?
A: It can produce different kinds and grades of concrete. As long as it is based on the same ratio, the quality of the concrete produced is the same.
6. How long is the service life of your concrete mixing plant?
A: The service life of the mixing plant is closely related to personal maintenance. Its service life is usually more than ten years if it has been well maintained.
7. What are the auxiliary equipment of concrete batching plant?
A: A complete concrete batching plant includes concrete mixing station, tank truck, pump truck, floor scale, laboratory, environmental protection treatment system, and personnel.
8. What are the differences between commercial concrete mixing plant and engineering mixing plant?
A: There is no obvious difference in the configuration of the two equipment. The commercial concrete mixing plant is better than the engineering concrete plant in terms of environmental protection, production efficiency, and appearance; the engineering concrete plant has relatively higher requirements for the measurement accuracy of the equipment or the stable working ability.