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One New Set of 100T Cement Silo Was Shipped To Singapore

Brief Introduction:In 2017, one new set of 100T cement silo was shipped to Singapore.

In 2017, one new set of 100T cement silo was shipped to Singapore. This 100T cement silo will be assembled with the concrete mixer together to make up of a whole set concrete batching plant equipment. The function of one single set of cement silo is limited, but work with concrete mixer or other concrete batching plant parts together will play a great role in the concrete production. The cement silo of concrete batching plant is just a tank for storing the cement, which can be connected with the screw conveyor to transport the cement into the concrete mixer. Meantime, this cement silo is also used for storing the cement in case of the damp proof.
The cement silo has been composed of top part, dust collector, guardrail, manhole cap. The top part is capped part of cement tank; The main effect of dust collector is to remove the dust in the body; The fence is used for checking the cement silo top, which will guarantee the operator's safety; The manhole is a channel inside the cement tank, which can directly enter the cement tank.
Our cement silo features modular compact design, which can be assembled and disassembled by section. Excellent seal design is in case of the cement leakage. The broken arch device will be in case of the cement agglomeration.
The main features attracts the more and more clients to purchase our cement silo because of the modular compact design and Broken arch device. More information about Cement silo, it will be free to contact us!