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What Are Advantages of Vertical Cement Silo

Brief Introduction:Vertical cement silo is a commonly used equipment in concrete batching plants. What are its advantages? Learn more.

Vertical cement silo is a commonly used equipment in concrete batching plants. There are many types and models of our cement silos, both standard models and customization. What are its advantages?

1. The overall performance is good. It is of long service life and better cement storage quality. During the rolling process, the outer wall of the silo is with a material thickness of 30mm-40mm wide, which greatly strengthens the bearing capacity of the silo body and makes the steel silo more durable. In addition, the material of the silo body is selected according to the requirements of the grinding strength of the storage material
2. Good air tightness and wide application. It can store powder materials such as cement, fly ash, slag fine powder, etc. It is widely used in foamed cement insulation board factory, aerated concrete block factory, cement factory, power plant, grinding station,etc.
3. The construction investment is low and the speed is fast. The forming and bending line speed of the construction equipment can reach 5 m/min, and no scaffolding and other auxiliary facilities are required, so the construction period is short.
4. Small footprint and easy management. The spiral bite steel silo is different from other steel silos, and the diameter can be arbitrarily selected within a large range. The spiral bite steel silo has a high degree of automation, and is equipped with temperature measurement, material level and other equipment, which is convenient for users to manage.
5. Haomei vertical cement silo is is 1/6 of the concrete silo of the same volume. The diameter is small, the floor area is small, the installation is simple, and it is not restricted by the terrain. Welcome to leave message below to inquire cement silo price