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How Many Cement Storage Silos Are Proper for Concrete Plant

Brief Introduction:How many cement storage silos are needed for a concrete plant? The number is not fixed and affected by many factors such as kinds of raw material. Learn more.

How many cement storage silos are proper for a concrete plant? Cement is an important building material. Cement silos are a kind of vertebral material storage tank, suitable for storage of various materials such as food, cement, fly ash, which can disable the position and weight of the material.
portable cement silo
The concrete batching plant is widely used in various projects. But many people are not familiar with the cement storage silo. It is mainly divided according to the amount of storage such as 30t, 50t, 80t, 100t,etc. No matter which kinds of cement silo it is, it can match different kinds of concrete batching plants. The users can make choice according to their own need.
Each of the concrete mixing station will require a minimum of two or more bulk cement silo, so the application of bulk cement bin plays a crucial role in the concrete batching plant. Simply speaking, the cement silo is for the storage of the bulk cement in the batching plant.
How many cement silos are needed to build a concrete mixing plant? In fact, the number of cement silos is never fixed. A small concrete plant sometimes require multiple cement silos. What are the factors determining the number of cement silos used in the mixing plant?
Generally speaking, the numbers of cement silos hould be determined according to the actual amount of materials required by the project. If the mixing station site is far away from the cement manufacturer, the freight cost is high and the transportation time is long, then there must be a sufficient amount of cement powder reserved. The needed cement silos will be more.
The cement storage silo is divided into portable cement silo and vertical cement silo. Another name of the portable cement silo is horizontal cement silo. Compared with the vertical cement silo, the horizontal cement silo is more in line with energy saving requirements.
The height of this vertical cement silo is relatively high and it is easily affected by wind and other factors. During the construction process, we must firmly bury the pre-embedded cement piles firmly to avoid accidents.
The portable cement silo is of low height and can be placed in the workshop without packaging, which saves costs and meets energy-saving requirements. It is usually chosen for the mobile concrete batching plant. Haomei Machinery has different kinds of cement silos. Welcome to inquire what you need.