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Do You Need Foundation Free Concrete Batching Plant

Brief Introduction:The foundation n free concrete batching plant only needs a simple ground hardening. What are its other advantages and disadvantages? Learn more.

The foundation free concrete batching plant doesn’t mean that it doesn’t completely need foundation construction, but it does not need to lay such a deep foundation like a stationary concrete batching plant. It also needs to harden the ground, make a shallow foundation, and place all equipment components on a heavy steel chassis.
There are two types of foundation free concrete batching plants: hopper-lifting and belt conveying. It eliminates the process of designing and installing the foundation, greatly saving customers the time and basic cost of building a station, and can be relocated for secondary use.
foundation free concrete batching plant

The composition of foundation free concrete batching plant
is basically the same as that of the ordinary mixing plant except for the layout and transportation mode. It is also composed of aggregate batching system, belt conveyor (lifting hopper), mixing unit, metering unit, water additive tank, control room, air control system, electrical system and other parts.
The structure of he foundation-free concrete mixing plant adopts a modular design. The aggregate batching system is placed on a large chassis and is connected to the mixing unit through the middle rail frame.
The water admixture box and the control room are connected together and placed in the lower part of the mixing chassis.The mixing unit is connected to the metering unit by bolts. Cables, water circuits, and air circuits are in the form of quick-plug connectors.
The pros and cons of the foundation-free concrete mixing plant
1. All equipment parts are placed on a heavy steel structure chassis. The advantage is that it increases the stability and stress area of the equipment, but the disadvantage is that it increases the weight of the equipment and makes the transportation and movement of the mixing station more difficult.
2. The mixing unit and the metering unit adopt a frame structure, and the two are connected together by bolts, and the walking platform is connected by hinged connection, which can be folded along the hinge point during transportation to reduce the transportation space.
3. 3. The electrical system adopts the form of quick-plug connectors, which reduces the installation cycle of the equipment.
4. 4. The installation base frame can be connected in different forms, which makes it more convenient to design different non-standard mixing plants according to the customer's site conditions.
Haomei Machinery has different types of concrete batching plant for sale including stationary, mobile, wet, dry and foundation free concrete batch plant. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.