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Dry Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

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The dry mix concrete plant is made up of aggregate batching machine, cement supply system, water supply system, cement weighing system, water weighing system, control system, etc. It is mainly used in areas with a large area and sparsely populated areas to avoid segregation of wet concrete due to long-distance and long-term non-stop movement in the mixer truck.
It uses use electronic or manual weighing devices to weigh sand, gravel and cement. After that, they will be discharged into the chute, from which they are discharged into the tank body of the mixer truck.
At the same time, the water is weighed or volume metered and discharged into the mixer truck through the same charging chute, and then all materials are mixed for at least 70 to 100 revolutions during transportation to the construction site.
dry mobile  concrete plant
The wet batch concrete plant puts some or all of the above materials (including water) into the concrete mixer at the middle position. After mixing, the concrete is discharged into a mixer truck to deliver the concrete to the construction site. During transportation, the concrete mixer truck should be rotated at an appropriate speed to prevent the concrete from solidifying.
The difference between dry and wet concrete batching plants is that wet concrete batching plants contain a concrete mixer in the middle, which can produce a more consistent mixture in a shorter period of time. 
Due to the inconsistency of mixing time, truck bucket and drum conditions, traffic conditions, etc., dry-mixing equipment usually sees more breaking strength standard deviations. Similar with wet mix concrete plant, the dry mix concrete plant is also divided into stationary type and mobile concrete plant for sale.
The features of dry mobile concrete batching plant:
1. It is very suitable for areas with large areas and sparsely populated areas.
2. It has no need for concrete mixer,  featuring low investment and high return.
3. It is of high efficiency and energy saving without mixing.
4. The belt feeding system is continuous and efficient.