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Pros and Cons of Small Trailer Concrete Pump For Sale

Brief Introduction:The small trailer concrete pump for sale is widely used for high-rise buildings construction. What are its pros and cons? Learn more.

The small trailer concrete pump for sale is used for pumping concrete to the high-rise buildings by installing the pump on the tug wheel. Generally, ordinary concrete can be pumped to a distance of 1000 meters. Compared with a mixing pump, it cannot mix concrete, but only has a conveying function.
small trailer concrete pump

Generally, the well-mixed commercial concrete is pumped and used in conjunction with concrete mixer truck in urban construction projects. Labor saving is the main reason why most contractors choose it. It is of high automation and wide application.
The limitations of the trailer line pump are mainly reflected in the size and slump of the concrete aggregate must meet the pumping requirements. In addition, it is more difficult to pump dry hard concrete. When the temperature is very low, it is not easy to construct.
What are the practical values of trailer concrete pump? Since it is of high mechanization degree, its labor cost is reduced. The continuity of the trailer pump construction ensures the construction efficiency, shortening construction period. In addition, due to the high pumping requirement, the pumped concrete is not easy to segregate and has a low slump, which can better guarantee the quality of concrete and meet the requirements of engineering construction.
Through the construction of the semi trailer concrete pump, the safety of the construction is improved, and the operator uses the remote control to operate. The construction distance of the trailer pump is long, and it can be transported to more difficult places through the pipeline arrangement.
Haomei Machinery has many models of trailer line pumps, satisfying different pumping requirements. With enough spare parts in stock and 24 hours online support, you can be free from most troubles. Learn more.